Excerpt from “Crusaders: The Invisible city”

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Diocese of Dallas
North Texas
July 3rd

FOR SOME TIME, THE CHURCH remained without the faintest sound, the pews, all arranged in straight lines of order, as the smell of incense paraded its ranks. The dim light provided by the light bulbs, added a touch of piety to the scene as doves flew around the building. Perfect. Then—someone coughed. Like a pebble thrown into a pond of still water the waves echoed round the empty building. From the end of the church, He coughed again, but remained in his state of position. It wasn’t raining but you could feel the razor-sharp edge of the wind cut through your spine. The silence regained power until the clang of the clock took over. Nine solid clanks signalled 9 ‘o clock, and then he walked over, majestically towards the rostrum, and knelt down to pray.
“The Lord is my shepherd; I have everything I need. He lets me rest in
fields of green grass and leads me to quiet pools of fresh water. He gives me new strength. He guides me in the right paths, as he has promised. Even if I go through the deepest darkness, I will not be afraid, Lord, for you are with me. Your shepherd’s rod and staff protect me. You prepare a banquet for me, where all my enemies can see me; you welcome me as an honoured guest and fill my cup to the brim—
“Father we must leave now.”
The voice that interrupted wasn’t God’s .
He crooked towards the mortal that spoke to him .
“Evil will be upon us any moment.” She paused.
He turned back, still on his knees, facing the crucifix— I know that your goodness and love will be with me all my life; and your house will be my home as long as I live. He completed His prayer.
“If we can get to Temple, we’ll be safe .” He spoke to her, getting to his feet.
“How possible is that?”
“We have on our side a stronghold there.” He replied, coughing repetitively.
“Father, haven’t you been taking your pills?” She asked with displeasure.
“This is not the time to think about my medication.” He replied as he walked towards the image of Mary.
“What good is it if our prayers are not answered?”
“Father, You do not show faith, why are you acting this way?”
“All we have to do is drive to temple, they have seers in their midst, most of them in the order of Issachar. They will be waiting to help us get in safely.” He dodged her question.
“We must move now.” She whispered and then picked up a bible.
“Take Gabriel to the car and let me get my armamento.” He ended, and made for the door.
“Father, please hurry. We are behind time.”
“Just wait for me in the car.” He replied, not looking back, least he let his emotions show.
They both knew what was to happen. A Pentecostal Church was visited before now; all that was left of it was cinders and smoke. The army of darkness spared none, not even the church rats. When the legions strike, not a stone will be left unturned, and the garden by the church, Sofia’s Quiet place of devotion, will be left desolated. She walked out of the church towards the bungalow resting beautifully beside the cathedral, watching her garden for some seconds and taking a deep breath as if it were her last, she doubled her steps, headed for the house. In a few minutes she was out of the house with a baby on her arms. She walked up to the car and placed the child to lie on the back seat, kissed his cheek and went back into the house to retrieve the luggage.
Gabriel had been found by their doorstep on a blank Sunday eve. The dark skinned child seemed to have won the heart of Father Thomas just at first sight. The only link to his biological parents was the card pinned to his shirt with the inscription: ‘HIS NAME IS GABRIEL’ boldly written on it, and so he was baptized and christened Gabriel.
Sofia walked out of the House with Two bags in hand and a satchel trussed around her neck. She moved at snail pace, staggering under the effect of the weighty baggage.
She managed to reach the car, opened the booth and lifted the bags in one after the other. “Phew” she sighed as she closed the booth and gestured towards the baby lying calmly on the rear seat.
The awful noise that filled the air shifted her concern; she could hear flapping sounds, like a million birds approaching. Turning swiftly with impulse to the church building, she saw Father Thomas making a run out of the church with a bow and satchel striped to his back.
“Faster!” she screamed.
She got into the car and watched him approach; he stooped to the ground, planted a wooden cross with a dynamite hooped to it, and then continued the race for the car. In no time he was with them.
“Fasten your seat belts.” He managed to say, as he panted unremittingly.
Few seconds passed and then the flood of bat-like humans, possessed by demons flew over them, covering the full light of moon. He kicked the car one time but the engine refused to act in response, he tried yet again and failed.
“Lord!” she sighed.
“Psalm 18:3 I will call upon the Lord, Who is to be praised; so shall I be saved from my enemies.” He cried out with fervour.
The car coughed into life and zoomed out, knocking down the wooden gate in the process. The explosion that followed from the cathedral rocked the car side-ways, but it swayed back into course.
“Jesus! What was that?” Sofia asked, still shivering form the sight as she held on to Gabriel.
“They could bring down my church, but not without a bill.” He replied, stepping on the accelerator.
“Jeez!” he exclaimed. “Nothing is operational, the accelerator is lifeless and the breaks are out!
“You mean—
“I’m not controlling this car, see, my hands are off the steering!” he gestured to prove his claim.
“What is this about?”
The spectacle that seemed to answer her question was blindingly terrific; four immaculate white horses ran before them, pulling the car along. With a flash of light an angel appeared on each creature, all dressed in white crystal robes and a golden crown. Sofia went white at the trepidation of heavenly beauty. The priest, too awestricken to notice his mouth was wide open. The speed of the vehicle increased in unison with the horses, an instant view at the side mirror explained the increase in momentum. Fast approaching behind them was the very host of darkness he considered destroyed.
“Jesus! I thought—
Words failed him as he watched the creatures glide through the air, returning his attention back to the angelic beings; (for it sure looked his only chance of survival) his jaws dropped open as he watched the shape shifting, the horses developing wings as the angel disappeared from their backs, in a crack second the car was floating in the air, under the navigation of bliss. The dark skies changed to a mixture of blue and red as small rock of fire raced towards the car, he turned to the back seat, just remembering Sofia and Gabriel for the first time since his head bunged up. His eyes accommodated a scene he didn’t expect. Sofia looked to be somewhat in another realm as she sat rigid with the baby on her lap; Gabriel shimmered like the moon with a golden Halo around his little head. The priest opened his mouth to scream (or say some-thing—anything. For his thinking faculty seemed to have fallen through his ears) but the words that came out wasn’t a familiar language, he spoke for some minutes without understanding what it was he was speaking, but it seemed to comfort and calm his soul. The last word was still on the tip of his lips when the four angel reappeared, this time wing spread, and at the back of the flying car, facing the incoming fired stones and the army of darkness. In unison they all raised the swords in their hand, pointed towards heaven. The rocky bullets approaching paused in motion and returned from whence it came. Greenish blood filled the cloud as a multitude of them burnt down, shrieking in pain. The angels charged towards the survivals like thunder bolts, cuts and slashes flowed incessantly as the angels drove into the crowed, the demons seemed very powerless as they were crushed under the weight of angelic swords. In a notch of time the entire army had been slaughtered, and as fast as the angels appeared, they vanished. It was then He realised the car was no longer moving, they were back on the road, with no sign of supernatural being around. Up front was a sign board that read; WELCOME TO TEMPLE. He kicked the car, and this time it gave the right answer, stepped on the accelerator, it jerked forward and stopped. The instant surge and halt seemed to have brought Sofia back to consciousness.
“What happened?”
He tried again, the engine coughed into life; he hit the ignition and blasted into forward progression towards Temple.
“Heaven touched earth.” He heard himself reply.
The silence continued as the car stabbed into temple, only soft coughs from Father Thomas cracked the silence from time to time. Sofia rested her head on her window glass as she strolled deep into the streets of thoughts. Marisa Sofia had grown into a beautiful young girl with distinct blue eyes that suited her glowing fair skin. She was adopted by father Thomas when her parents died from a tragic road accident when she was just a years old. This was her tenth year under his care, and she had helped him so much, even more than his biological child would have.
“I’m hungry.” Sofia spoke softly.
“We’d just stop for a refill and get you something to eat.” Father Thomas spoke too, punching the final blow into the abdicating silence. “I can see a gas station upfront.”
In a bit, he stirred the car into the station.
“Sofia, go get some snacks for yourself, and a can of diet coke for me.” He said as he handed her his credit card.
They both alighted, and went on their different task, leaving Gabriel in the Car. This was the fifteenth month of Gabriel’s stay with the priest. Father Thomas not knowing what to do with unarguably the most handsome baby he had ever seen after he found him by his door step decided to drop him off at the same orphanage he adopted Sofia, but a still small voice just kept telling him to keep the baby, he obeyed, and now knows who had that voice—God.
“I couldn’t find any diet coke, so I decided to pick this.” She showed him a caned drink “it’s almost sugar free.”
“That would be Okay, Thanks.”
They both entered the car, and in no time were back on track. The journey continued another thirty five minutes, and then the car was in front of a gigantic gate.
“ID please.” The security man inquired.
“Marisa Thomas.” He replied, showing him an Identity card.
He looked at the card for a while, as if looking for a flaw, and then spoke into his intercom, the information seemed to have travelled faster than light as the gate started to crack open in a split second. Boldly, on a tower was written; HOUSE OF EL ROI. It was impossible to miss it, designed in neon light it could be seen everywhere within the walls of the castle. He drove in slowly, straight towards the main building. The interior was nothing like outside the walls, the whole area was full of life, and you could see teenagers walking about in bands, everyone seemed so happy, He looked out of the window, with bright expectations, and gave a quick smile.
The car came to a halt just in front of the building. Reverend Doctor Samuel Hamilton, a round faced clergyman with a nose rather too broad for his small features stood at the door to welcome them. Father Thomas turned around and found Sofia fast asleep, He gave her a light tap and she opened her eyes, hazily.
“We there yet?” she asked still under the aura of sleep.
“Yap, Help get the bags.”
Father Thomas walked towards the Reverend and shook his outstretched hands.
“It is nice to see you, sir.” Reverend Sam spoke with a look of pity in his eyes
“Thanks.” He replied, watching as young men came around to give Sofia a hand with their luggage.
“The bishop requested to see you as soon as you arrive.”
“You can lead the way.” He replied. “Sofia, I’d see you in the morning.”
“How do we get a place to rest?”
“Paul, Lead them to their hostels.” Rev Sam directed one of the boys helping them with the luggage.
“Okay sir” he replied “This way.” He gestured as he led them away.
“Father, I think we can go now.”
They strolled into the building, took a curve left and then climbed up the spiral stairs, after about six minutes of zigzag motion, diving into different room settings, they finally arrived their destination. Reverend Samuel gave two slight knocks on the door.
“Come in please.” The crusty old voice from behind the door answered.
They opened the door and walked into the beautifully designed office. Bishop T.M Cannes, sat, focused on the television set as the reporter ranted off with the News item—THE EXPLOSION IS STATED TO HAVE OCCURED AT ST. JOHN CATHOLIC CHURCH, WE DO NOT KNOW THE CAUSE OF THIS BLAST—
“I don’t think this people ever get anything right.” Bishop T.M said as he turned to welcome his visitor.
“Good evening sir.” They both greeted him in unison.
“I thought you knew better than to use instruments of this world in the war against those demonic creatures.”
“I couldn’t bear to flee from my church without doing anything.”
“And is causing more destruction the only thought that came to mind?” He asked, looking disappointed as the focussed deeper into the News on the trot.—JUST FEW MILES AWAY FROM THE EXPLOSION, A SORT OF CLIMATIC DISTURBANCE WAS SINGLED OUT UP BY COMSAT3456045DT FROM OUTER SPACE, BUT SCIENTIST HAVE EXPLAINED THAT—
“And then they think they can give an explanation for everything.” He held up the TV remote, and with a button push it went dead.
“You cannot blame them; the veil is still over their eyes.” Reverend Samuel said, wearing his familiar pity look.
“For some reason the Heaven responded to your plea, even when you showed little faith. I have a strong conviction that child with you had an impact.”
“Gabriel.” The priest let the name slip softly out of his lips.
“I watched you in the spirit” Bishop T.M continued “and I saw the aura of grace from him, it was exceptionally stout.”
“He’s a blessed child.” Father Thomas managed to speak.
“He may be invited to Eden.”
“We just have to keep a closer view, and pray.” Bishop T.M said as he walked towards his office table. He picked up a pack of files, ran through them and selected one out.
“How old is he?” Bishop T.M asked as he handed the file to him.
“He’s just about a year old.” He replied as he browsed through the file he just received.
“That contains a list of vacant churches with details; you can pick anyone of your interest and report back to me.”
“Thank you, sir.”
“Reverend please lead him to his room, he needs rest.”
They turned to leave the Office.
“Father, when Gabriel gets the invitation, you have to allow him go. I’m sure you know what I mean.”
‘I will, sir.”
They took the exit, and returned the same way they had come.

Watch out for more Excerpts from the book Crusaders: The Invisible City…


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