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Somewhere in my territory,



6:00 pm.



It is 6 o’ clock; I know it is 6 o’ clock because I heard her say, “Pascal, it is already 6 o’ clock, come and start packing-in before your oga comes…” She is still talking, I wish she can stop; her mouth has been moving non-stop for the past ten minutes! I have been observing, and it is making me giddy. I turn away, facing the other shops in my territory; they are all placing their merchandises into cartons. I am happy, they will leave soon, and then, my visitor will come.

I see a white spot on my new shirt,

“Shit,” I said to myself, “I did not decorate this part!”

I stick my hand into the mud I have been standing in for quite some time; it is so cold. I rub some on my face, I love it, and I could do this forever. I spare a little for my new shirt and kneaded the mud on it in a circular style. Perfect, I am ready for my visitor; I hope she loves me like this.

She is shouting again, the woman renting my bedroom as her shop, I think she must be mad, definitely she is! The boy she is shouting at hurries towards me, he eyes me in motion and says:

“You there, go away! Go! Don’t ever come back here or I will break your head!”

I stare at his mouth as he speaks, the way it curved when he pronounced ‘will’, it looked precisely the same way her mouth bowed when she says ‘Pascal’.

Pascal must be mad too, the way he walks with his trousers below his waistline; I know he has lost some nuts!  How can I debate this when it is so clear! “Who wears a trouser these days?” I ponder.

I stare down below my new shirt, freedom, no trouser, independence, I am at liberty! My eyes catch the beautiful mud beneath my feet, it looks inviting, I certainly need to cool off my ass too, I sit in the mud, and it feels good; I am in heaven! This must be what that man that always disturbs my visitor early in the morning talks about, a land flowing with milk and honey.

I give the mud a better stare, it looks like honey. I dig my fist into the thick cold coating, and scoop some into my mouth, damn! It tastes like fresh honey! This is it, I really am in heaven!

“Hey, madman; get up, get up and leave!” Pascal says to me.

I look up in bewilderment; Pascal wants to drive me from heaven! This must be the demon the man always talks about.

“Lucifer,” I say, “Lucifer, go away from here! You are not allowed in heaven,”

He comes closer to me and is shouting at the top of his voice, it is too loud: his voice. I think it is going to burst my ears into small cockroaches.

Just today when the sun was very hot and my stomach was rumbling, I saw a man yell a girl’s ear into small cockroaches, I walked closer to her to get a better view, she dropped the sausage she was holding and ran. I watched her run, it was fun, the cockroaches were running after her, I picked up the sausage and started running after the cockroaches. She began to scream, I wonder why she was screaming; maybe she hates cockroaches. I stop running after the cockroaches and started eating my new sausage, she was still running, I turned away, headed back to my territory, my stomach stopped its rumbling, I think the sausage has done something wrong, I threw away the remainder of the sausage, “I will never eat sausage in my life again” I resolved.

“You, you,” Pascal screams as he bends down to pick a stone.

I see him; his head is facing down,  just the perfect position for a knock on the head, I wish I could leave heaven and give him a knock, no, heaven is fun, heaven is better than the joy of landing Pascal the surprise knock.

A stone hits me, I feel my head wobble, heaven starts expanding in my eyes, I try to stand and run, but I fall back face-flat into heaven,

“Pascal!” I scream as I get back to a sitting position, “Are you mad?”

The people in my territory start to laugh, pointing fingers at Pascal.

“He knows your name!” One of them says.

I look at the man that just spoke, he is pregnant, I could tell from his large stomach. I wonder how he is going to feed his children with those small breasts of his, I feel sorry for him, I am going to ask my visitor to help him, I know she will, my visitor gives me whatever I ask for.

Something pours on my body, it is so hot, I shriek in pain as the liquid wash through my entire body. I stand up this time, running towards a laughing Pascal who holds a bucket in his hand, I see the panic in Pascal’s eyes; he must have realized what I have found out! Hell has leaked into Heaven, the world is about to end! I ran past him, headed towards my safe haven, the dunghill. With so much dirt around I’d be safe! The demons won’t eat my brains when they find me rolling in junk. I see a group before me, they start to run as they look towards my direction; I know what they saw, my nightmare, coming right behind me, the end of the world.

I have always dreamt about this, just before my visitor will come, how the world would end. It was catastrophic! I saw the demons come, creeping through my ears and then finally changing my brains to coconut; they would chew and chew until there was naught but an empty space, then, I would run mad, and the normally mad ones would become normal. I would start wearing trousers (can you beat that?) and shirts that were without the artistic print of mud, what a show of classlessness!

I increase my pace, these fools are running like mad people, they don’t know where to hide, I wish I can tell them to follow me, but no, my visitor does not like crowd, I will go there alone.

I would stuff some dirt into my ears when I get there, to protect my brains, and I’d eat a lot of food, there is always food to eat in my haven, not stupid sausage; real slimy food! Then I will roll and roll and roll in dirt until I fall asleep, then my visitor will wake me.

She will find me, I know she will. My visitor always know where I am, She always calls me, “my love,” I wonder why she calls me that, I know my name is Adam, but she calls me ‘my love’ I think I prefer joining both names, ‘Adam my love’, nice, really nice.

My visitor is very smart; I wish I am half as smart! She has the power to change to different people, today; I will ask her how she does it. Sometimes, her breast would look as big as my head, other times it will look like the pregnant man’s own, sometimes she is slim and other times she is fat. I know she is the same person because she likes the same thing.

“This is so large,” she often says, “You certainly will give me a child!”

But sincerely, I don’t understand what she means.

I am at my safe haven, and I am in utter shock! I watch as a yellow vehicle leaves the arena. Boldly inscribed on the body of the truck is: Edo State Waste Management Board. I chase after it, it is too fast; I stop, this was the end! The demons have arranged for the transfer of their very weakness.

I fall to my knees, pulling my hair in a fearsome rage, it is over, I am not going to see my visitor again because soon, the demons will come and eat my brains, then, I’d run mad.



  1. OK now…this is dope! “This is so large,” she often says, “You certainly
    will give me a child!”– that cracked me up!! Nice one blood! Expect mine.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kriely says:

    Nice one blaaad!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sheldonk2014 says:

    The demons won’t eat my brains when they find them rolling in junk. This a story that I will have to keep reading there are to many good lines and images. I am glad I click on you. The pleasure was all mine, now you’ll have to excuse me while I eat the rest of my burnt toast

    Liked by 1 person

  4. dbp49 says:

    Pretty scary bro, because I might even have liked it.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This story was really interesting. I was laughing throughout the entire time I was reading. I would love to see the story continued, but maybe from a different point of view this time. That would make it even more interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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