Guardians of the Realm

Posted: December 26, 2014 in short stories
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#Battle of the last valley

“Isaac, Isaac are you sure about this?” Marcus asked, griping his shield and sword even firmer as he looked on into the clouds.

Isaac was silent, kneeling before a sword that dug dip into the earth and saying his rosary, eyes completely shut.

“Isaac,” Marcus called again in a near whisper, turning around to watch behind himself, skimming the mountains that encircled them for the slimmest sign of jeopardy.

You would notice, even if you didn’t pay close devotion, that Marcus was scared, scared? No, Marcus was terrified, because in the bat of an eyelid, the army of darkness would surround them, there was no dodging it; it was a fact.

This was the last of the seven valleys, and this, unlike the others, had not been conquered by the legion of Edom.

The priests of the realm had fought a good fight when the first valley was attacked, but their good wasn’t good enough, because the demons vanquished every force that gathered against them, ripping the priests into bits, eating up their minds, compelling them to turn against one another, causing them to kill their very own brothers in battle.

It was impeccable, the slaughtering, and it didn’t take long before the remainder of the priests fled to the caves, hiding, lest they be found and destroyed.

Marcus, like Isaac, was one of the priests that managed to come out of the blood bath alive. They had run like madmen in pursuit of the wind, hiding like the others, not a tad ashamed of the label—Cowards.

But Isaac had been bitten in the neck by one of them, an alpha demon; Marcus thought he would die when the fever started, but then, the visions started too, and then came quick recovery, then, Madness.

“I have the power of a thousand priests,” Isaac said, on the third day of his recovery. “I think I can stop them.” He stood up from the ground he had laid on for days, picked up his sword and walked out of the cave.

Marcus picked up his shield and sword, running after Isaac and screaming “Stop, Stop, you are surely going to get us killed.”

But Isaac wasn’t listening, he was heading forward, and Marcus followed him, he had to, Isaac was his twin!

“Marcus,” Isaac spoke for the very first time since they entered the valley, “You don’t have to be afraid because the angels will aid us, we cannot lose this valley, for if we do; it would be the end of mankind.”

He lifted his sword from the earth and walked over to Marcus, “Here, have it, I have asked the Arch Angel Gabriel, to wield it with you.”

The sword had barely touched Marcus’ hand when the familiar clattering noise of demonic wings filled the air.

“Behold, they are upon us! Give me your own sword!” Isaac screamed.

As the sword touched Isaac’s hand, he charged toward the inbound demons, moving in supersonic speed. Marcus couldn’t believe his eyes, Isaac was airborne, cutting and slicing the demons in no particular order. The sound from behind him broke him off the awe, a host of demons were gaining in on Marcus, He raised the sword Isaac gave him and it glowed in an immaculate white light. The demons paused, and then knowledge swept through Marcus, this was what the prophets had talked about, the sword of light and the guardian of the realm, the prophecy was true, and he was a part of it!

He charged towards the demons in a barmy dash, moving in about a hundred meters per second and laying waste to anything that stood on his path. He could see Isaac too, slaying a thousand demons with one blow, scattering whatever formation they were making with a cut. It was glorious, for alas the demons of Edom had met their conquest.

It didn’t take long before the entire army of darkness were defeated.

 Marcus and Isaac stood at the center of the valley, surrounded by dead creatures and covered in greenish blood.

“Brother,” Said Isaac, “Today, the lord has won!”

Marcus hugged Isaac in a firm embrace and said, “Now, let’s take this madness to the remaining six valleys, let us send them all to hell and let them pay for all they have done to our brothers.”

They walked out of the valley of Kitara, hand in hand, strolling on the wings of victory.


  1. I- read says:

    I think I should nickname you ‘baba of fiction’, your imagery is always vivid. Love this…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. gypsyinjeans says:

    Know what! I imagined Japanese anime characters for this story and it was awesome!

    Liked by 2 people

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