The Enchanting Light–Part Six

Posted: December 27, 2014 in short stories


 The photo above by my blogger friend, Jithin of PhoTraBlogger is the inspiration for the third flash fiction chain titled Enchanting Light.

The following work of flash fiction is a collaboration of Jithin and other bloggers around the globe. This wouldn’t be possible without them.

CLICK HERE to pay his site a visit for more inspiring photographs and posts.

I have written the 6th part of this flash fiction chain and below are the links to the stories for you to read before enjoying my part.

Part 1: Soul N Spirit

Part 2: Ruth

Part 3: Saya

Part 4: Sweety

Part 6: James


Character Cast

Rebecca: Protagonist (the main character)

Samantha: Rebecca’s mother

David Lyngdoh: Samantha’s husband and Rebecca’s father

Joe: Samantha’s childhood friend

Eda: Joe’s daughter and Rebecca’s friend

Kavin: An elderly widower who works as supervisor in the monastery

Liam A. Veratre: Rebecca’s husband

Luna: Liam’s evil lover

Dalai Lama: The spiritual ruler and highest priest of the Tibetan Buddhists


Enchanting Light

Part VI

Rebecca turned around to the direction of the voice that called her, and there he stood, in the semblance of a demi-god, his holiness, Dalai Lama. “Come my child, come.”  His mouth wasn’t moving, but she could hear his voice in her head. She gestured towards his outstretched hand, moving in a nearly wild rush, but he disappeared just as she was about to touch him.  “Meet me in your chambers, and make sure no one is following you.” His voice echoed inside her head. She scanned the area to see if he was somewhere around, and then she saw them, Joe and Eda, their eyes glowed in a scarlet definition of death as they approached her. She knew what they were coming for, the other half of Liam’s Locket, (And of course her life!) She took to her heels, diving straight into the first chamber of the monastery; they were right behind her, picking up their momentum too. She took a sharp bend to the left, headed towards Kavin’s inventory room, she planned to hide there until the danger was clear, then; she would go to her chamber to meet with Dalai Lama.

Another bend to the left placed her directly in front of the inventory room, she twisted the door knob and—click; it opened. She took her spot, right behind the lockers, she could barely fit in, but she managed. This was her secret place, this was where she had hid when she didn’t want to be found years ago, it was twenty five years since she last came here, and was surprised the place hadn’t changed a bit.

She heard the door crack open, “Hiding here was a mistake!” she mused.

“Where did she go?” She heard Eda ask.

“Definitely not here, see, the room is empty.” The voice that replied belonged to Kavin.

She gasped; Kavin was part of them too!

“Let’s do a quick search, in case she is hiding here, you can never tell.” Joe said.

She felt like screaming for help, she knew what would happen if they found her, Luna had made it clear, she would be killed, and Liam, her sweet Liam would never be rescued. She tried to come out of hiding and dash for the door before they found her, but as she made the first move, the voice in her head returned. “Patience child, be patient.” She paused. She could feel someone approaching her hiding place, she could hear the footsteps, it was coming closer and closer; but then, someone spoke.

“Her mother, yes, perfect! let’s go and get Samantha, when Rebecca knows we’ve got her mother, she would come to us, and then, we would hand her and the locket over to Luna.”

She gasped once more, covering her mouth with her hands.

“Nice idea Joe, Nice idea.”  Kavin said.

She could hear the footsteps fade away and then, with a brash racket, the door closed.

She came out from hiding, and made for the door, she twisted the door knob and pulled in—locked! The door had been bolted from outside.

“You can pass through that door without opening it,” The voice in her head said. “Hold on to the locket and create a vision of you passing through that door.”

“This must be crazy,” She thought, and closed her eyes. She could feel the warmth in her palms as she held on tight to the locket. She felt as light as a leaf and it looked like she was breezing through space, then as fast as it started, everything stopped.

She opened her eyes, and was startled to see herself standing outside the inventory chambers. “Why can’t I do this and appear in my chamber?” she asked, hoping to get a reply from the voice.

“Hurry child, run!”

She obeyed; moving as one controlled by a higher authority, straight to her chamber, Dalai Lama was waiting.

She burst into the ambiance of her room, and there he was, seated in the only chair in her chamber, Dalai Lama.

“What is all these about,” she found herself asking. “How come you know about all that is happening?”

“There is no time to explain, child. Your friend Eda and her father Joe have been possessed by the worst of the travelers, Kavin too have been possessed and you must save them all, you must, my child.”

“I don’t understand you,” Rebecca replied. “These people are trying to kill me, they’ve got my mother!”

“I know that too, somehow, Luna was able to take along her evil followers whilst she was banished, Liam had no choice, he was framed by Luna and together they were both banished by the council of elders of the first order of our planet, Pandora.”

“Wait, slow down… did I hear you say ‘Our Planet’?” she asked, taking a step back.

“Yes, I too am from Pandora, I am a passenger traveler, the keeper of the gates of Pandora, I have possessed the body of your Dalai Lama and I am here to help you stop Luna’s evil plot, for if she succeeds in breaking the curse, Pandora will face its destruction.”

“So why am I in all these? Why me?”

“Liam’s love for you was genuine, something Luna couldn’t get from him, and so she captured him when she finally spotted his signal rays from earth and then she created the illusion you saw, that moment, when you saw Liam making love to Luna, it was all a lie!”

Rebecca fell to her knees. For years, a part of her had hated Liam for cheating on her, now, some traveler from ‘Pandira’ or whatever the name was, was telling her Liam was innocent!  She felt ashamed for ever believing her Liam would cheat on her.

“How do I get Liam back,” She asked, standing up to her feet and resolved to fight. “And my mother, how do I get my mother back too?”

“As we speak, the travelers in your friends have taken your mother to the Limbo of Asgard, you must pass through the portal of the enchanted light and confront Luna; you must defeat her and retrieve the other half of the locket, then and only then would your mother and friends be free of the travelers in them.”

“And Liam, what about Liam?”

“You must bring the two parts of the locket to me before the eclipse; I will join it back with the sacramental creed and release Liam from his prison.”

She turned around to leave, holding the locket in her palm firmly.

“You must remember, in the Limbo, you can all things, your power will be without limit, as long as that locket is with you.”

Rebecca closed her eyes and held the locket even firmer as she felt the warmth in her palms, she was wafting through space, and when she opened her eyes, she was standing once again before the door of the enchanting light. She paused for a while, looking at the locket in her palm, then, with a deep breath, she strolled through the Enchanting Light.

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  1. trablog says:

    Wow Man!! This is getting more awesome!! I could never imagine such events!! This is just fantastic. Travelers of another planet! I love the way you connected everything and made it all logical with the magical powers of Travelers from Pandora. Really excited to see the next part!!

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I- read says:

    This is terrific, you connected all characters, bringing Rashmik’s(soul n spirit) plan to reality,and then you went epic. Lovely, See, papa fiction..

    Liked by 1 person

  3. […] Click here for part 6 by Fiction Limbo […]

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love how Greek mythology took part in this story. Pandora, in Greek mythology has a daughter called Pyrrha which translates into “Fire”. This is absolutely brilliant! I’m excited to know what else Liam’s sun shaped locket can do. Hands down to you mate! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Whoa… I was actually biting my nails , especially when Rebecca was trying to escape to escape the clutches of her tormentors ! Awesome twist with the ‘Pandora planet’ and the ‘passenger traveler’ ! Also loved how you amalgamated all the parts and revived ‘Kavin’s’ character ,which was otherwise much forgotten ! Kavin’s inventory room..haha ! that was interesting too 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  6. […] Part 6 – […]

    Liked by 1 person

  7. sheldonk2014 says:

    in words of love tragedy speaks
    I don’t know why but it does
    Yet through it all when the time comes
    The words turn and sweetness comes
    Leaving you to say
    ah what words can I say
    But love does speak

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Saya says:

    Ah Mr. Limbo..u did managed to introduce limbo here 😀 perfect..what a story this is becoming.. Loved the part where you introduced the possessed by travellers part..or else betrayed by three people would’ve made it a sad story ..great work..u shd be papa fiction:D

    Liked by 1 person

  9. This is phenomenal. I got to read it before, off course commenting today and what a story it has become. Good one Papa Fiction. You again brought Rebecca in front of the light 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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