Guest Post: Dirty Colours… by Julibravo

Posted: December 28, 2014 in short stories

This work of Fiction was written by my very beautiful friend, JuliBravo and is completely covered by the International Copyright Law.   2014 ©Ako Julie.


Dirty Colours

Kumbi enjoyed the fresh sea breeze that was blowing as she laid back in the beach chair and allowed herself replay the last three weeks of her life. Dark shades on, Music playing softly from her ipad. She was in her element. She pondered, was she putting herself in all of these situations? Were they even real? What if she only conceived it in her heart that night that she had received a new friend request to add Victor on BBM and she had accepted the request, sticking her mind to it that it could pan out to be fun. Afterall he had been glad to receive her and she had playfully imagined a picture of a smiling young man. There was no avatar on his handle or was it the face of a miniature cartoon character she saw that night? She could barely remember.

His first words to her made an impression that he was a seducer, when he said “kumbi reminds me of cum and bees, both produce the sweetest things to life, really.” She had laughed so hard and thought he was quite funny and he had asked her what her name meant. “My full name is kumbilola and it is not pronounced cum-bee but kumbi as in rookie and cookie and Clooney, now say kumbi” she had texted in her usual fun-to-be-with manner of writing. Her friends always said she could make texts feel like the voice of a person. Victor had replied, “Send me a voice note of your name.” she had cleared her throat and made a voice message of some random rubbish which she sent to him. He had replied asking whose minion she hired to voice over her name. “You call me a minion?!”

“that sounded like a minion, wait, was that you?!” he teased. He was just her kind of guy –funny and witty.

May be it was just her mind playing tricks on her, reading texts that weren’t there and answering questions that weren’t asked like when he asked if she did video games. She had said it was a drastic waste of time and that sparked a playful resentment in him towards her. It felt quickly as friendship that had been for a long time that they could argue this minute and go on like cool. They talked through the night as she was a bit of a chatty person. Perhaps it was his charm dream. The following day she woke up and glanced through her messages and they were still there. His name lingering on her contact list, his face not yet uploaded but he had sent her a picture of himself. When she opened the first file it was the picture of superman. Her mind obviously wouldn’t create an image so far-fetched for her new friend. Then he sent her another file claiming there was no more gimmick. She opened it and there staring strongly through the eyes of a half-caste face was a pretty young man. It had to be him. Her mind was very beautiful nothing less could have been calved out of it.

He was very tall, fair and handsome. She had told him rather too quickly but very typically of course, that he was good-looking. Kumbi naturally did not like fair people – a racist like that she was. But somehow she didn’t mind this time around. After asking what he did for a living and realizing that he was an On-air-personality, an Actor and a Singer. She knew she had found the dream guy. People used to say tall, dark and handsome was the ideal but catch a Victor on a regular day and you’d be sure you’ve found a goldmine. This was certainly not the frame of a spaceship-like dream, her imaginations were becoming realizations when he said “I am so gushing all over you right now, you are very pretty and talented.” was he kidding her? He was a bunch of talent; He had a beautiful voice, could dance and was an actor. What more was there to do? On the other hand, she was just a boring writer, some sort of an annoying nerd but she stood out in her fields too and that could be worth being proud of. She got attached to Victor and indeed wanted to know what he wanted from her. It was her nature to be spontaneous and precise so she had asked “what exactly is this about, some sort of a social experiment?” Victor quickly replied, “I want you to be my girlfriend.” He was so blunt that it turned her on. She had always wanted a daredevil for a lover, one who wasn’t ashamed to say how much he wanted her and then go on and have her. She had told her best friend, Dunia, in a seductive description, “it felt like a strongly built male grabbing you by the butt and pulling you close to his panting chest, with you anticipating a kiss that was sure to come but hasn’t yet come”.

“You barely know him Kumbi, how can he ask you to be his girlfriend just like that?” Dunia had said to her. If only she had listened to every other thing Dunia had to say. She always outran him in speech and gabbed on about what a hunk Victor was, how cool he spoke, how funny his gestures were…, “awn… what a sexy sense of humor he’s got”

“You are headed for a stillborn relationship my dear”

“See I have a connection with Victor that I haven’t had with anyone in a long time I don’t want to lose that, and he feels the same way. It is not every time you get to toss the coin twice and get a head consecutively” she explained.

“Yes he will give you a head, be sure about that but I don’t know who gives heads to strangers in this country. Victor I suppose.” Dunia didn’t like him at all and he took every opportunity to paint him disgustingly bad. Victor was a mirage for all he cared. His resentment was very noticeable, maybe he was jealous; Dunia was unfair to her! He did not understand the sincerity she perceived in Victor’s voice. Victor was always honestly speaking. How did she know? He had told her that, if he ever came so close to being this connected to anyone, it was a long while ago – That was honestly speaking.

Victor became a desirable delusion. It was impossible to fathom what connection they indeed said they had but she liked him anyways. He taught her so many crazy things. It was from him she heard the word ‘sext’ for the first time and they spent time practicing it; this was how he looked, dressed in nothing. This was how he would touch her and that was what he wanted her to do to him. It was all too real, she could even feel him next to her and she would tell him also; this was how she looked, dressed in nothing. This was how she would touch him and that was how she wanted him to touch her and she liked it very much. They would go all the way for a very long while, until she couldn’t take it anymore. She wanted to be with him, it was hard to only imagine what it would be like. It could blow her up. She needed him badly. He would also say “right now baby, I can give anything to be with you, to be right next to you, I would do anything.”

Since he would do anything, she would just ask him to come around, she said to herself and as though a light bulb came on, she called him on the phone and said “why don’t we arrange a meeting?”

Victor was glad, “that is very genius of you! I have been wondering how we could take our relationship to the next level.” She knew it would be fine to meet him and nothing would change afterwards. He wouldn’t hate her even if she turned out to be less beautiful than the pictures she sent him because now, the pimples on her face have been competing greatly with the boil beneath her lower lip. Dunia had mockingly asked one day, “are those boils?” and she had evasively replied “No they are pimples my friend” and then they laughed about it.

Victor, like Dunia, wouldn’t mind about her ugly pimples she was sure. Her palms were getting wet, that happened whenever she was anxious, finally the day to meet victor was here. It was time to prove that she wasn’t in a state of mind. She was very sanely in love and Victor was coming. He texted her yesterday and said he would meet her at the place where five roads met.  She just has to look for such a place and wait till he arrived.

Kumbi sat up on her beach chair and noticed she was alone in the beach. “Where did everybody go?” she voiced out, perplexed.


Kumbi in actuality was seated on the floor underneath an almond tree, with several stones surrounding her. Her hair was unkempt and though her face was as smooth as a baby’s skin it was cover in dust. She looked in the direction of a young man who was walking with an elderly woman. They were coming closer to her and the young man has a smile on.

How did Dunia know she was here? She wasn’t wearing her bikini, she had planned to meet victor in her bikinis! Who goes to a beach in this thrash!

“She has been here since yesterday talking randomly to herself sometimes she perceives me as Dunia her best friend and talks to me. Most of the time she played with that stone, pressing it as though it were a phone, and she would place the stone on her ear and act to be talking to a Victor guy whom she is in love with” The young man explained to Kumbi’s mother whose eyes were already covered in tears.

“How did she come here?” her mother managed to ask in a waspy voice, suppressing her tears. “I don’t know, I asked her a few questions but she would only talk about Victor.”

“How are you feeling my dear” The young man asked Kumbi, watching her critically.

She was still a beauty with all the dirt and scattered hair. Her voice was polished and she struck him like an intelligent woman. She had arrived here looking neatly dressed yesterday you could barely tell she was mentally derailed. She took a seat under the tree right in front of his shop, where he barbered people’s hair, like nobody’s business and had not left the spot since. She had caught his attention by the way she smiled warmly whenever she spoke into the stone and worried for her like he would his sister. When he asked around no one seemed to care, the people wouldn’t even go near her. Eventually, he got the description of where she lived from one of his customers who did recognize her, and there he had found her mother. Whatever happened to this young woman was highly pitiful! He was shaken.

Kumbi looked strangely at him, and with a look of worry, grabbed his hands, “how did you find me Dunia? You need to help me find the place where five roads meet I am already late”

“What is happening at the place where five roads meet?” he asked patiently.    “Victor, he is coming. He is meeting me at the place.”

Kumbi’s mother could no longer hold back her tears as she watched her daughter rave in madness. She grabbed her breast and cursed out loudly at whoever was behind her daughter’s illness. He or she would never know the joy of having a child, Kumbi her only daughter! Who was thought to be in school!  She hit her private part intermittently and wailed. “What has this young girl done to anybody to deserve this?” she asked no one in particular and almost pulled off her wrapper as she stamped her feet and hit the sky. The young man’s attempt to calm her down was to no avail.

Kumbi does not understand why the beach was suddenly scanty and why the hell she was not in her bikini. She wanted to meet Victor and true to the fact that Dunia detested Victor he might not help her find him. She needed to find Victor by herself and now, before he arrived at the place and not find her there. Kumbi stood up and picked up a stone – Just in case Victor calls. Her mother flinched in fear and they watched to see what she was about to do. She began to run towards the road, taking off her dress as she did. Her mother screamed in fear, she begged the young man to run after her  but needed not to say much as he had already taken to his heels!

“Please help me, my daughter must not run into the market! I am finished! People come to my rescue please. Kumbilola is running into the market!!” she cried, while running and calling for more help. The young man caught up with kumbi but she struggled with him endlessly. “Leave me alone! Victor is waiting for me!!” She bit him causing him to take his hands off her.

“I am sorry Dunia, but I love Victor you need to understand!” She escaped from his grip, running and searching frantically for the place where the five roads met.

  1. Linda says:

    wow… i loved this! especially the twist at the end! nice work….

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  2. Oni Ibukun says:

    Wow! A realy beautiful piece… Love d story line.


  3. James says:

    I have read through this story and i must say, i am glad i followed the facebook link that led me here! nice concept…i always feel happy when i read creative stuffs…this is good!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. basil says:

    the first story i read in 2015 it worth it

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