The village Christmas: Day 3

Posted: January 5, 2015 in short stories


#Meat Hunt? Or love Hunt?

When mum announced to my twin and I, that we were going hunting with a cousin of ours we just met a day ago, I laughed at the idea, but then, I discovered nobody was joining me in the laughter and realized, once again, that she wasn’t bluffing!

“Mum you can’t—“

“Oh yes I can,” She cut me off, “The both of you will go with Oke, and together the three of you will join the remainder of the group.”

Well, by six pm that day, I was walking side by side with cousin Oke, headed into the forest. He kept on talking nonstop and I was glad he was giving me the kind of information I wanted to hear. The hunting exercise was something the boys did every Boxing Day by night fall, the boys go into the forest and hunt animals, and then they collectively share the game between themselves equally. Afterwards, they would give their share out as a gift to anyone they individually had in mind!

“I’m giving mine to Onos, no second thoughts!” My cousin announced.

“Who is Onos?” I tried not to sound entirely uninterested in what he had to say.

“Onos… my princess, my goddess, my…” He continued without a blink.

I wouldn’t need further explanation to know my cousin was in love!

“So, this Onos, is she your girlfriend or something?” My twin asked! Never knew he was listening, he had plugged his earpiece on since we left home.

“Nah…soon, very soon, I am still begging her to accept me.”

My twin shook his head and pressed his earpiece into his ear harder to signify he wasn’t interested anymore!

I would love to share what happened in the forest, but I guess I should hold that back for a later time. J

We got back home by nine pm after the sharing was done, and then it was time to start gifting out the Boxing Day gifts.

“Would you follow me to Onos’ place please? She lives just around the corner.” My cousin asked.

I could sense the fear in his voice; Cousin Oke wasn’t bold enough to stand before his ‘Angel’, I had to help.

“I’m going to sleep,” my twin said. “I’d give my share to mum.”

“Okay,” I said, and followed Cousin Oke.

I didn’t know what to do with my share, didn’t want to give it to mum either, so I planned to give it to the first girl I met.

“How do we see her? Do we just go and knock on her house door?”

“Nope, she would be seated outside, they know boys are delivering gifts today, and all the girls in our clan are seated outside their house, waiting.”

“Oh,” I said, and the silence continued.

In about five minute’s time, we were walking directly towards a house, with three girls seated at the veranda.

“Is that the house?” I asked.

“Yep,” he managed to say.

With quick steps we got to where they were seated and then, my mouth dropped open! Lo and behold I was standing before a set of triplets! They all looked identically angelic, and Cousin Oke wasn’t wrong to have called ‘his Onos’ a goddess! There was a big bowl of bucket before them already almost filled to the brim with meat! Cousin Oke dropped his gift into the bucket and said, “This is for you, my love, please accept me.” How lame! I wanted to punch him in the nose, the girls smiled, and one of them asked, “Who is your friend? I haven’t seen him before.”

“He is my cousin.” Cousin Oke was answering like a robot!

“Hi, I am kelvin.” I said. “What are your names?” I asked, tossing and catching the pack of tightly wrapped meat in my hand.

“I am Onos, she is Ovo, and she is rukky.” The one seated at the middle introduced them all.

“Cousin, let’s go.” Oke said, turning around sharply and hurrying away.

“Goodnight girls,” I said and went after my cousin.

It took them ten seconds and they chorused “Goodnight kelvin!”

“How did you get them to do that?”

“Do what?” I asked my cousin.

“Remember your name!”

I shook my head; my cousin wasn’t going to get his dream girl if he kept acting this way!

“I didn’t let them know they were beautiful, simple.”

“Wow,” He said. “Your gift, you didn’t drop it!”

I smiled; I wasn’t going to join some naive village boys in dropping sacrifices for their goddess.

“I am giving it to my mum,” I said, my goddess.

  1. trablog says:

    oh.. you saved the hunting story for later!! Anyway loved your stories! 🙂
    And also I am making necessary changes in the fiction chain post 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MamaPains says:

    Nice with the ladies, huh? Did your cousin want to try and spend more time with you so he can learn how to get his love?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. fegie says:

    so you’re feeling like the guy who know everything about ladies lol

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The eLFonian says:

    hi @fictionlimbo. Thanks for liking my post. eLFy

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  5. amcmulin914 says:

    This is awesome, great stuff. Reminds me of of Christopher Moore’s “Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal”, which is absolutely a must read and hilarious like this.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. trablog says:

    Hey bro, hope everything is fine. Whats up?

    Liked by 1 person

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