UNIBEN Prize for poetry and short stories (ENTRY CLOSED)

Posted: April 3, 2015 in short stories

“When we read human stories we come alive in bodies which are not our own,”

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, 2011 Commonwealth Lecture

It is with prodigious delight, that we draw the curtains for entries into the UNIBEN prize for poetry and short stories!

I must say, that the university community completely blew us off our feet with the calibre of response we got, even with little or no publicity for the competition.

An amazing total of a hundred and seventy three outstanding entries were received from both categories.

I therefore congratulate the entire contestants that found out time, even with the hectic semester, to submit something worth a third read for the competition.

I wish you all the best, as the team of experienced readers in alliance with the FictionLimbo writer’s foundation dissever the entries for the final long list that would be published in a few days.

Keep your fingers crossed and keep returning to www.fictionlimbo.net for more updates.

Moses Kelvin.


FictionLimbo Writer’s Foundation.

  1. Geofrey says:

    When is the longlist coming out? it’s being much delayed.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fictionlimbo says:

      Dear Geofrey, we understand your view and sincerely sympathize with you. We are also sorry for the delay, please be patient. Fiction Limbo is committed to selecting the best of the entries, which is no small task, considering our workforce. Thanks for understanding.
      Best regards,
      Fiction Limbo.


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