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Posted: May 14, 2015 in short stories

dark_shadow_2-t2#our very First Legacies!

Having waited patiently for the shortlisted writers to send in their bio, the foundation is ready to unveil the amazing writers of the stories that spanned even the deepest of genres.

it is with great pleasure that we introduce these outstanding minds to the world of possibilities!

having met, in oneness and agreement, the fiction limbo foundation has awarded each of these shortlisted writers, a lifetime access to the fiction limbo website!

They have been granted the privilege to post their articles and creative writings anywhere and anytime on this site.

more information on this inception would be communicated via mail to the shortlisted writers.

without further ado, we introduce our stars:

NAME: Otuagomah Josephine
TICKET NO. : 103
TITLE: Who answers prayers? (poetry)

josephine is a Final year student of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Benin, and is an aspiring writer and poet.
She holds the believe that through writing; the most physical, mental and emotional battles could be won.
She also has an impressive list of unpublished works.

NAME: Wayne A. Samuel
TICKET NO.  : 302 and 304
TITLE: metamorphosis (poetry)
TITLE: Of bishops and bodyguards (short story)

Wayne A. Samuel is an up and coming writer from the stables of Ekehuan campus UNIBEN. Mostly known for his spoken words, Wayne is also a novelist and potential scriptwriter. He is proving to be as multifaceted as a diamond, and just as precious to the literary scene. Without a doubt, far much more is to be expected from the young bard.

NAME: Adolphina Zazi Idodo
TICKET NO. : 209
TITLE: I salute You (poetry)

Adolphina Zazi Idodo is a 400 level student of international studies and Diplomacy  and hails from the oil rich delta state.
Zazi performs poetry on stage whilst she is not writing.
She currently lives in Benin with her family.

NAME: Okafor Anthony chidera
TICKET NO. : 203 and 204
TITLE: wolves of the desert (short story)
TITLE: we don’t live here anymore (poetry)

Anthony is a 400 level student of the department of foreign languages, University of Benin. he is a lover of words, nature, poetry/music, German shepherds, bicycles, books, sleep, introversion and a despiser of lectures. Anthony hate cats and cashews, and hails from Amakohia town in Ihitte-uboma local government area of Imo state.
Okafor Anthony write with the pseudonym, J.K. Anowe.

NAME:  Chux-Anthony Osakwe
TICKET NO. : 202
TITLE: Before the vow (short story)


Chux-Anthony Osakwe is an article and short story author, currently working on a novella. He is a little drawn to the dark side, coated and masked in the most charming smile. When he’s not cooking up some sad tale, he’s most likely out having some sugar with Nicole (his camera).

NAME: Fatima Abokaso
TICKET NO. : 208
TITLE: Lion cloth (short story)

Fatima Abokaso is a writer: poet and a story teller. She was born in January, 1995, and has lived in Benin city, Edo state ever since. She was a finalist for the 2012 Sentinel Shortstory Price. She also publishes frequently at Naija stories where she has fortunes with nominations. As a part time guitarist, she has no problem mimicing her favourite songs. Currently, she is working on her novel, Dreamland.

NAME: Okafor Emmanuel Tochukwu
TICKET NO. : 205, 206 and 207
TITLE: My sisters madness (short story)
TITLE: The ghost in the dark (short story)
TITLE: The Arangement (short story)

Okafor Emmanuel Tochukwu was born in Lagos, Nigeria. His short fiction and essays have appeared in The Kalahari Review, African Writer, Naija Stories, StoryMondo, Uniben Talking Drum, and 8th Annual Ships & Ports Communiqué. His works are also forthcoming in Bakwa magazine and Black Boy Review. He is an editor and writer at Uniben Talking Drum and the Uniben Blog. A participant in the UNIBEN ENL Creative Writing Workshop, he divides his time between Lagos where he resides, and Benin-city where he studies Electrical/ Electronic engineering at the University of Benin. An MTN scholar and an Etisalat scholar, he won the Comptroller Charles Edike Prize for Outstanding Essays (2014). Later this year, at the SWAG-V International Conference, he will be awarded a World Student Essay Writer. When he is not writing, he is happily making many square children. Tochukwu is currently working on a full-length debut novel.

NAME: Aforkeya Ese
TICKET NO. : 198 and 111
TITLE: War of the elder demons (short story)
TITLE: Righteous Fury (poetry) 

Aforkeya Ese is a 100 level student of Nursing, in the University of Benin.

Ese is both a poet and a writer of fiction and is drawn mostly, to dark stories.

He is the author of the soon to be published “IN THE Shadows.”

NAME: Chicotovwe Christopher
TICKET NO. : 177 and 182
TITLE: Dreams of the Undead (short story)
TITLE: sally of No.  3 dream Avenue (or the unexpected dreams of an unknown girl) (short story)


Christopher is a 300 level student in the University of Benin, and is in the Faculty of Engineering. His short stories have been nominated for divers awards amongst which includes, The Broodmare Price for short stories. Christopher is a lover of fantasies and it reflects deeply on his writings.

 whilst Christopher is not writing short stories, he is busy with his debut novel “Mikorume: Island of fear”

click here to read excerpts from the shortlisted entries!

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    In my opinion I welcome the new minds of tomorrow,with a fresh perspective,it can only bring good,thank you Moses for giving these young people a platform in which to open new doors, I look forward to hearing from them in the coming weeks
    As always Sheldon


  2. Mellisa Adams says:

    Nice to meet these ones! I sure hope this platform will take them all to their desired goal!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Johnny Adams says:

    Great minds you have here mr, limbo! i hope to see the final winner soon….

    Liked by 1 person

  4. swajithkas says:

    Congratulation to you for organizing such a wonderful event.
    Congratulation for all the winners;
    Double congratulation to all the participants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wishing all the best to all of you……………………


  5. peter woody says:

    It seems to me that the university of benin is a school of writers!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. anonymous says:


    please when would the final result be out? its been weeks since you made your last update.

    and please could you be specific on when the final results would be out?


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