Yet another Bus Ride!

Posted: July 9, 2015 in short stories



#The Change Factor


It has been ages since I made my traditional posts! I certainly have lost track of the activities my friends have been caught up in, particularly the chain fiction challenge organized by my good friend trablogger! I can remember my involvement in “when in love” and I miss all the wonderful people that got knotted in the story, especially my friends from India and, of course, the beautiful Miss Ruth.

For some time, I have been tangled in academic work and the pursuit of a better future, currently, everything is in focus and working accordingly.

(Phew! enough with talking about boring personal issues and straight to my story. )

It was 5pm, and like every other week day, I was on my way home, from work, (PS: I’ve finally joined the folks earning Nigeria’s Oil money), I really wasn’t in the mood to board a bus crowded with people I knew nothing about (Who knows, I might just be sitting next to a Serial Killer, or worse, a smelling old market woman, yuck.) I wanted a taxi, something just for three people, so that the probability will be lower (Please don’t quote me, I really don’t know mathematics!) but it looked as though fate wanted me in a bus, as no Taxi was at the bus-stop. (Bus-stop? Why is there nothing like a Taxi-Stop??? #just saying.)

So, I took a bus, or rather, THE BUS.

“APC has finished us! there is nothing Buhari has to offer! Is this the change he promised? It is seven months now and nobody has been paid in this country! chie! I miss Jonathan! Jonathan would have paid us by now!”

It was politics, the topic in the bus, and the lanky man seated just beside the driver was at the peak of his pitch!

“Who told you it is Buhari that will pay you? Wont you direct the accusing finger to your PDP Governor? This Rivers state, is a PDP state and it has nothing to do with the APC political party” A man, who definitely was an Hausa man, replied in defence of our new President.

Chineke! look at this foolish Aboki man! Because the President of Nigeria is from your tribe you are supporting him, Idiot, Boko Haram, Hausa He-goat.” The way the lanky man spoke you could never mistake his identity, he was an Ibo man.

“Look at this Cow o! when your southern President was ruling what did he achieve? ehn, tell me!” The Hausa man retorted.

I was seated at the back of the bus, so I was far away from the argument, far enough from any exchange of blows that might occur.

“This thing you people are saying is very bad o, with all your bombings and kidnapping of our little girls and women we still allow you Hausas to walk freely in our state, you were the ones that distracted Ex-President Jonathan from completing his work, yet he was able to abandon tribalism and develop the barren North with Infrastructures not seen anywhere in our oil producing south! ungrateful pythons!”

“Madam it is your father and grandmother that is a python!” The Hausa man replied the ebony skinned lady that had just spoken.

Your father! I say your papa well well! You dey mad? Imbecile!” The woman flared up, speaking the Nigerian Pidgin English, and almost standing to her feet inside the bus.

“Aboki come down, driver drop this fool, Boko-Haram! drop him, I will pay for his seat.” A gentleman who previously looked unconcerned about the issue spoke up.

“You sure say you go pay?” The driver asked, bringing the bus to a halt in a very lonely and bushy express way.

“Driver I will pay!”

It wasn’t just the gentleman that chorused the reply, it was certain, the Hausa man was going to be dumped in the middle of nowhere.

“Aboki oya come down, they don’t want you to travel with them again.” The driver directed the instruction to the Hausa man.

“I will not come down! we all have equal…”

The words weren’t allowed to leave his mouth when the slap came in, the Hausa man threw a blow at his assaulter in a righteous bid to defend himself, but that singular act signed and stamped his ‘beat into a tissue’ certificate!

The blows and hits where coming from everywhere!

“Beat him very well, beat him very well! A pregnant woman by my side was shouting whilst she was enjoying the violence!

It took a few minutes and then he was tossed out of the bus, bleeding!

Then, there was laughter and jubilation everywhere, “Good for him,” a woman with a head rather too small for her fat neck said.

The discussion in the bus continued, and they kept talking and talking about things that were rather not viable.

After another five minutes, the driver picked up a new passenger on the high-way to fill up the void.

“Buhari said from next month, every Sunday will be sanitation o, that means no church for anybody! you see say the man wan Islamize Nigeria?”

“All these Aba illiterates! the new Passenger exclaimed, where did you hear that one from? which TV station? which Newspaper? You will just open your mouth and be pouring venom into the society!

I shook my head because I knew what will happen next. The new man’s voice betrayed his intention, he sounded like a proper Yoruba Man, the same tribe the new Vice-President was from, the same tribe that joined the North to vote out our Southern President, Jonathan.

“Mister man, get out of my bus!” The Driver shouted.

“I will not come down! we all have equal…”

(I am sure you can guess how the story ended! #lol.)


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