Something about me.

logoFor some time, I have been seated, staring at this page and thinking:

“What exactly am I going to write here?”

“Is this Page about the creator of fiction limbo? Or is it about the Limbo itself?”

Well, after taking two plates of garri and groundnut, I have finally decided to write about the Limbo.

Fiction Limbo was developed by Moses Oghenegare Kelvin, a computer science student of the prestigious University of Benin, Nigeria.

“Tah! What is a computer science student doing in the world of writers…?”

Can we please leave that question for another day? Thanks…

The Limbo is aimed at rescuing young Nigerian Writers from the ‘terrific’ arm of rejection and crushed dreams that hold sway in the Nigerian Publishing Industry.

 With well-planned out programmes, Fiction Limbo hopes to spread its wings, starting from harvesting the writers in the Federal University of Benin, and then, extending its programmes to the numerous Higher Education Institutions in the country.

The introduction of monthly writing competitions, (“Of course there would be prizes! What do you take us for?”), and the production of THE FICTION LIMBO end of year Anthology, has placed the Limbo as the perfect platform for budding writers.

Keep tab of the “Writing Competition” page for information on on-going competitions around the world!

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  1. So I am the first one to comment on your about page. I wish you many more positive comments and feedbacks here. Keep in touch. 🙂

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  2. thia licona says:

    Refreshing! Writers rejection is a global plague! Glad u doing something about it! I went ‘self-publishing’ and now cybernetics, but, I am not in need of any kind so, the non- existing money thing is not and object! My suggestion to all writers? Keep on writing period! Thanks for following me! Later!

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  3. Migrant Pen says:

    hi, where are you based now? because I’m updating my list of bloggers –


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  5. […] me say THANK YOU to my friends who nominated me for the above awards. I am extremely grateful to Moses of Faction Limbo for nominating me for ‘The versatile Blogger Award’. I should have […]


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