The UNIBEN prize for poetry and short stories! (updated)


The Uniben Prize for Poetry and Short Stories is a trimestral writing competition that is organized by The FictionLimbo Foundation.

The prize is awarded three times yearly (January-March, May-July and September-November) and is administered and funded by The FictionLimbo Foundation.

Eligibility and Entry Rules for the January-March Competition

Please read these eligibility and entry rules before starting the entry process.

Submission of an entry is taken as acceptance of the entry rules.

For any entry or eligibility queries not covered below, please email  or call 08161735235 for clarification before submitting an entry.

Entry Fee

A fee of N450 Naira is required for every entry.

Opening date

Sales of entry tickets and submission of entries starts 3rd February, 2015.

Closing date

Entries must be submitted at the Nescafe Lounge or by email using on or before 3rd of April, 2015.

About the Prize

  1. A long list of the top five short stories and the top ten poems would be published on the FictionLimbo website on 15th April 2015.
  2. The final selection of the winning short story and poem from the long lists as compiled by the FictionLimbo Foundation will be judged by an international Judging Panel and would be announced on 25th April 2015
  3. The winning short story gets:

70,000 Naira

One month breakfast cup of coffee from the Nestcafe lounge

Publishing deal for a Novella that would be featured in The FictionLimbo Anthology.

  1. The winning poem gets:

30,000 Naira

One month breakfast cup of coffee from the Nestcafe Lounge

Publishing deal for a collection of poems that would be featured in the FictionLimbo Anthology.

  1. The top five short story entries and top ten poem entries would be featured in the FictionLimbo online and Book print Anthology. With each entry owner receiving a free copy of the Book print Anthology.



This competition is open to only students of the University of Benin (Ugbowo campus, Ekewan campus and UBTH)

A verification check would be requested during the later stage of the exercise for proof of student membership of the University of Benin.


  1. Entries must be the writer’s or poet’s own work.
  2. Entrants may submit up to three different entries as long as each entry has its unique ticket.
  3. The deadline for the receipt of entries is 15th March 2015 (12 noon GMT)
  4. he name and personal details of Entrants must not be found anywhere on their entry.
  5. The entries should contain, on its first page, the title of the story or poem and the unique three digit pin that is printed on the tickets. Entries are judged anonymously, any detail of Entrants found on submitted entries would imply instant disqualification!
  6. In the case of short story entries, each story should not exceed 5,000 words.
  7. in case of manual submissions to the Nescafe Lounge, entries should be clearly typed, printed and enveloped in a sealed folder before submission to the Nescafe lounge in Ugbowo campus.
  8. In case of online submissions, entries may be sent in .doc or .pdf formats and should be saved with the title of the entrants story or poem (e.g. “The dead man.doc” , “I Live to Love.pdf”, etc.)
  9. Entrants may be involved in promotion of his/her entry on the FictionLimbo Facebook Page, the entry with the most comment, likes, and share would receive a special monetary prize. (Participation in this activity is optional but vital!)
  10. There is no restriction for genre, theme or plot; Entrants are allowed to craft their entry as deep as their imagination can go.

Keep visiting for more updates on the competition.


  1. nikkif181 says:


    I have nominated your blog for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.

    More on this nomination is at:

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  2. swajithkas says:

    First of all thanks for following my blog!
    You are most welcome!
    It is my pleasure to welcome such a wonderful person at my blog.
    From today, I too have started to follow your blog.
    Yes, I do understand how much it is satisfying to be in the company of like minded souls
    I wish by following each other’s blog, we will communicate with each other in more effective & more meaningful way & each step of this journey we will enhance, empower & enrich each other!
    In fact, like you, I too always in search of like minded souls!
    So, it is my open invitation to all!!!!

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  3. Ritwik Kaulas says:

    Very nice blog. 😀


  4. willothewizp says:

    Nice to meet you as well. Very interesting writing 🙂

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  5. sheldonk2014 says:

    Ali can say my friend is when two forces collide either there is a fusion or a eruption, in this case it has been a fusion, we were destined to meet either here or were our souls, I am glad it was in the physical . So long for now, more is on the way
    As always The Professional Cannon

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  6. I- read says:

    Wow, I guess I knew peanut about you young man, this is a wonderful thing you got here. I accept the offer to judge such a prestigious competition as I can see, well done and. Thanks for thinking of me, keep me updated. Oh and seems like you don’t have much rules for the poems, the last competition I applied for, just the rules were frustrating enough, so I guess they’re lucky😉

    Liked by 1 person

  7. fictionlimbo says:

    Thank you very much! I would get back to you in a few days!


  8. sonniq says:

    I believe I thought you were new to blogging since you were doing the 101 course, but I see now that I must have been wrong. I haven’t been back to your blog since the first because I get so slammed with my own writing. I try to reserve part of my day for all the 1000 other things that needs to be done when you are trying to your work in front of other people’s eyes.

    This award – at first I thought you were letting us know in case we wanted to submit entries but when I goggle’d a few things I realized you were in Nigeria. I have had other people from there tap into my blogs and it totally amazes still that someone one from so far away can read what I write. We are truly a global network of people.

    This is something you want to win? What can I do to help make that happen? Or is this a competition you are founding yourself?

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  9. katho28 says:

    Hey! Love your blog, so I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award;


  10. sheldonk2014 says:

    Hey friend busy isn’t busy till you no a one arm paper hanger trying to wallpaper a skyscraper
    As always Sheldon

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  11. sheldonk2014 says:

    Ok so.l.know you could be all kinds of whatever, but no limbo is a no go, whaaaaaaaaats up

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  12. sheldonk2014 says:

    I thought I lost you you have been quite for so long,I have tried to knock on the door and listen, but no one was home,I hope all is well so glad to see you not much has changed still kicking the words around,still doing my art,trying not to trip to much on the words,but you know what passion can do to a wild pen

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